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We bring the SUPER Stars to your Event.

A dream come true

Starshine Star Booking - Rent a  Star

We make this dream come true by Starshine Group International! Our international reputation enables us to fly for you any star as a special guest to your event or private party. Rather than asking any intermediary Agency like any other X-agency (leading to many commission surcharges), we have a direct link and provide service at a fair price as well as a fast communication. In 2016, we have recently made a mark by sending the world star Sean Paul on tour through Germany.

The super stars
so close as
NEVER before.

Do you remenber the moment when you can finally see the star on stage between thousands of people after hours of queuing, waiting, and squeezing? If he is there, he is far, far away from you and the sound is mostly too loud and indistinct... What about your feelings to witness this star exclusively with a few friends...FOR YOUR OWN EVENT!!!

Starshine Star Booking - Rent a  Star

Step by Step

We have the MEGA STARS.
Here in our portfolio.
And more on request.

We have the BEST! Through our exclusive network, we have a direct link to the MEGA STARS. After many successful projects, for example latest Germany Tour with Sean Paul, we now proffer our star contacts for private events. Our Star Portfolio (Click) shows you a small excerpt from the available Rooster of the Starshine Group International for your events. Search for your Favourites! Is he not available in the portfolio? No problem! Anyway just ask for him, our network is too large to enlist all stars.

1.) Scroll down once.
2.) Enter your wishes.
3.) Submit!

Below on this page, you will find our request form. Here, we ask you to describe your detailed ideas so that we can send you a tailor-made offer. Think in BIG DIMENSIONS! Let's get to your ideas and wishes. Starshine Group International team puts its 1000% efforts for you! After the inquiry, you will immediately receive an offer from us via email. Do not hesitate! Inquiries are free!

Fair prices.
Fast processing.
Your direct link to the stars.

We bypass expensive interfaces (e.g., agencies) and deliver a fair price to our customers via our direct contact to the stars. Recline and rejoice your individual top offer. All what you need to do now: release the offer.

The big evening is here.
Rejoice ... unforgettable experience.

Almost incredibly easy, you can now experience something that most people can only dream of. We wish you wholeheartedly a memorable experience with your friends and family and look forward to many more "Starshine experiences" :-)


We've got the Crème de la Crème!

  • Starshine Star Booking - Rent a  Star
  • Starshine Star Booking - Rent a  Star
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